Dear Sir or Madam,

Companies, agencies and other organizations often hold presentations, promotions and different receptions at attractive locations, such as museums, cinemas, shopping malls or outdoor locations….

Majority of those attractive locations weren’t designed for long-lasting events with numerous guests. Therefore, there aren’t suitable checkrooms where guests could leave their coats, jackets and bags. Even if such places exist they are usually insufficient.

In order to solve all Your checkroom problems, we offer you a complete service, including: transportation and assembling/de-assembling of coat racks, sufficient amount of hangers, educated and experienced staff which is fully responsible for all checked coats and bags.

We are capable of providing enough coat racks and hangers for 10 000 people, and are willing to adapt to Your schedule.

Some of most famous marketing agencies, publishing houses, museums and restaurants use our services regularly.

Yours sincerely,

Ivan Videc